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Ganja Reform, Rights and Rasta

In 1997, Dr. Dennis Forsythe, described in Forsythe v Director of Public Prosecutions and Attorney General (1997 34 J.L.R. 512) as a sociologist, holist, author, Rastafarian and attorney-at-law, petitioned the … Continue reading

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Does Arthur Williams Have Clean Hands? (Williams v Holness Part 2)

There was a collective national gasp in 2013, when, after having been ousted from the Senate by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness, by way of delivery to the Governor General of … Continue reading

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You’re Fired! (or Not!) Williams v Holness Part 1

According to the Supreme Court ruling in the case of Arthur Williams v Andrew Holness, political leaders have no power to revoke the appointment of Senators. The question we are … Continue reading

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Why the Stephen Fray Appeal is Important

I’m blogging today at about the appeal of Stephen Fray, the Jamaican now in prison after a bizarre airplane hostage situation in 2009. Check it out! The Judicial Committee … Continue reading

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The Right to be Forgotten

Check out my post at today! Should you have the right to be forgotten? The phrase sounds peculiar the first time you hear it, but there’s a lively discussion … Continue reading

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Rights of the Disabled and Progressive Realisation

I’m blogging today over at Oxford Human Rights hub. Please check out my post. Jamaica boasts of being the first country in the world to both sign and ratify the United … Continue reading

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The Buggery Debate – the Global Context.

I’m blogging today over at here’s the beginning – please check out the rest of the post… The cultural and religious disapproval, and let’s face it, deep distaste many … Continue reading

June 2, 2014 · Leave a comment

Constit Law

Sincere apologies to anyone not in my Constit Law tutorials. This won’t happen again I promise!  To the students, please prepare as follows: 1. The concept of Parliamentary sovereignty has been … Continue reading

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Human Rights Round-Up

Here are a few of the human rights stories making news around the world that I find interesting. 1. Reparations could be a step closer for the indigenous Maya Achi … Continue reading

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2014 Could Be an Interesting Year for Constitutional Law

As Jamaicans continue to test the still new 2011 Charter of Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, we could see some intriguing cases before the Supreme Court this year, such as the … Continue reading

January 5, 2014 · Leave a comment
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