A New Parliament – a Fresh Start

On Tuesday, we’ll see the obligatory march to Gordon House for the opening of Parliament. There’ll be lots of pretty outfits, big smiles and lots and lots of coverage. Then it will be time for the work.

Jamaicans who objected to the noisy, disrespectful sittings and behaviour of the previous Parliament were not being picky or nice. It should not be too much to ask that our legislators disagree with spirit, debate with passion and energy while retaining that all important element of civility. I am not one of those who believes that a “Government of National Unity” would be a good thing. I revel in the two-party system and would like to see a third (and maybe fourth) party in Parliament to mix it up. But vulgar abuse, ignorant interventions and name-calling are all unacceptable. Let’s hope this batch takes heed. If you are going to complain about the growing apathy and cynicism directed at politicians, make sure your behaviour in Parliament does not  encourage those feelings.


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